I was talking with Linda. I asked her...


For example, if you discovered your house was on fire, would you stay, or leave?

Or would you be ok with getting on an airplane headed to Hawaii if you KNEW it was going to crash and 90% aboard would be killed upon impact?

How long would you have to think about it?

But what if everyone was telling you it was safe? That'd be FAKE news, right?

Would you be ok with taking a chance going swimming at a beach where 90% of the people who tried swimming there got eaten by a shark?

​​​But if everyone was telling you the beach was safe, that'd be FAKE news, right?

Here’s a similar question: would you play Russian Roulette if the barrel had five bullets in it?

But if everyone was telling you it was a safe game, that would be FAKE news, right?

Here’s even a better analogy for you that is more down to earth, but just as dangerous.

This analogy illustrates a dangerous precarious situation you are already in but probably not fully aware of it, because we are ALL immersed in FAKE News that could lead to your tragic demise.


Let’s presume that you, like most children, grew up in a decent and fairly safe neighborhood.

You were happy…life was fun…and safe.

But as you grew up, you began to realize that your childhood neighborhood had gone downhill.

It was no longer a safe place. Gangs had moved in! Drug deals were rampant.

You were shocked to discover from the police reports that the majority of the people living in this now bad dangerous neighborhood were being mugged, raped, kidnapped or shot.

In fact, 90% were dying prematurely due to the violence, sometimes decades before their time.

But the harsh truth is that you can NOT stay safe in a BAD neighborhood (that would be FAKE News, right?).

If it’s so bad that 90% of the people there are dying before their time, is acceptable? Would you just say, "Oh well...whatever."?

If you stay, then it’s just a matter of time before “your turn” comes to be taken out!

But the media and culture perpetuates this FAKE News that you are "safe" and everything is ok, while millions die needlessly every single day.

Once you accepted this harsh reality, would you stay anyway and hope that you were part of the lucky 10% who were not killed, or would you do whatever it took to “get out of Dodge” before you were a victim as well?

I am using this bad dangerous neighborhood story as a very relevant analogy to a similar, though not quite as obvious reality you are already now in, but probably not realizing it.


Doctors and researchers have concluded that 90% of Americans DIE BEFORE THEIR TIME from a degenerative disease that was preventable.

To believe otherwise is to be duped by FAKE News that everything is fine.

3000 years ago, wise King Solomon warned us,

“Don’t be a fool! Why die before your time?” Eccles. 7:17

He also wrote this in Proverbs 18:9 (Septuagint version):

“He who does not endeavor to heal himself is a brother to him who kills himself.” 


So WHY is this happening, that this horrific epidemic of death, this “American Holocaust,” is wiping out 90% of us?

It’s because you and everyone else ALREADY are living in a “neighborhood” (culture) that’s gone bad because we have unconsciously embraced an unhealthy, but “politically correct,” lifestyle that is killing us softly, and bringing way too much pain into our lives.

It’s like people are on a suicide mission, and don’t realize it!

It’s like being on an airline that is destined to crash, that WILL KILL 90% of those onboard, or like being a fool, playing Russian Roulette.

Disease is now so common in our society that it’s considered “normal” and inevitable to be overweight, get arthritis, aches and pains, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke.

That’s just the way it is, so we are told.

That is the FAKE NEWS that is partially responsible for millions dying before their time!

Tragically, degenerative diseases are KILLING 90% of everyone you know prematurely, and often associated with a lot of pain.

So do YOU know anyone who has already died from a disease?



My own father died tragically in 1951 from a disease, 3 months before I was born.

Tragically, my beloved wife, Carol, DIED with breast cancer in 2011.

I’m still upset about this indescribable painful experience.

My precious little sister, Tamara also got breast cancer—I was with her the day she died on Nov. 19th, 2014.

Plus I have a lot of friends close to my age who have died from heart disease and cancer (plus my first wife Sandy died from a blood clot).

David Boyd, my best friend, died before his time, April 30, 2014. What a tragic loss! Still good friends with his lovely wife Denise.

My good friend, Ken Talbott died before his time from cancer Dec. 13, 2013. What a tragic loss!

Here is an excerpt of his confession in a letter he wrote to his radio show listeners:

it was my own death style choices that brought me to the present place I’m in right now. I have now confessed and, I believe, been forgiven—of my culinary wickedness…”

My good friend, Kenneth Westby, died before his time on Dec. 8, 2016—he had diabetes, heart and kidney failure.

I had offered to help him with his health in April of 2016, but he did not take my advice seriously because he believed the FAKE News. I believe I could have helped him live longer. What a tragic loss!


Did you know that even YOUNG people are dying way before their time?


Did you know that CANCER is the #1 cause of death (besides accidents) for children ages 1-14! Unbelievable!

Is that tragic or what?

Did you know that in the US, 50% will be diagnosed with cancer!

How do you like those odds?

Isn’t that worse odds than dying from Russian Roulette?

Did you know that a simple HEADACHE can be a warning sign that precedes death?

This young woman (at age 24!) died in bed from a tumor after doctors mistook it for a migraine headache 14 times!

Stephanie Dickson suffered nine months of neck pain, headaches and dizziness, and was simply told to take painkillers to cope with her symptoms (e.g. Fake News!).

Stephanie’s best friend, Laura Aberdour, said her death had had a “devastating” impact on family and friends.

As you know, if you keep doing what most people do, you’ll end up getting what most people get:



Just because 80% of the population are already diabetic or pre-diabetic…

Just because virtually every American already has some stage of heart disease, and every 60 seconds an American dies from heart disease…

Just because everyone you know, and every American including YOU, already has cancer cells, and every 60 seconds someone in America suffers a painful death from cancer…

YOU DON’T HAVE to be a casualty….

You don’t have to be part of that tragic 90% who die before their time!

But what typically happens, is that when you take your health CASUALLY...

You have a 90% chance of being a fatal CASUALTY from one of 200+ diseases.

Is that what you want?

Does that have to be how it ends for you, dying before your time?

Are you ok with just going along with the crowd, on a virtual unconscious suicide mission, and dying before your time along with the 90%?

Of course not.

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 13, 1017, that George Soros LOST A BILLION DOLLARS right after the election!

What could be worse than that?

Well would you say it would be worse if you LOST YOUR HEALTH and your LIFE?

But you can adjust the odds to be in your favor so you aren’t just one of the numbers of the 90% who die before their time.


There is one more aspect of FAKE NEWS I feel compelled to warn you about.

Sadly, many people ASSUME that the answer to bad health is in medications (FAKE NEWS), not realizing that while sometimes a drug can save your life, most of the time they merely suppress the symptoms while it stresses or poisons some other part of the body, ultimately making everything worse in the long run.

People who have become educated about this issue (i.e. no longer believe the lie of the FAKE NEWS) consider most medications to be a Trojan horse, that superficially LOOKS and sounds good, from a medical perspective.

But this drug from your doctor is often a Trojan Horse, a “gift from the medical gods” that KILLS you!

In fact, did you know that over 1000 people DIE EVERY DAY from a bad reaction to medications that are taken as prescribed by their trusted doctor?

It’s like playing Russian Roulette!

Progressive Doctors and researchers have concluded that by simply making a few basic adjustments, most people can dodge the deadly bullet of the...


In fact, people are waking up, realizing they don’t have to be like sheep, settling for this tragic slaughter.

Now the majority of people, and probably you too, are ALREADY making at least some effort, like eating an apple a day, to TRY to protect, maintain or recover their precious health, trying to escape the pain, before it’s too late.

But sadly, even with good intentions, most people just don’t have enough correct information or motivation to escape the bad deadly “neighborhood” of disease, disability and early demise.

This is where we can help you--IF you want help.

Are you open? Are you ready?

Dodge The Bullet ~ Escape The PAIN!

I urge you to invest some time into reading my article below, which contains lots of photos, including my father I never knew, my wife Carol, my precious little sister Tamara, and three of my friends, all of whom tragically died before their time.

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