I am the PMS Guy--Personalized Medicine Strategist

I offer Hope, Help and Health for Hurting People

I'm on a serious mission to save your life, because your life is precious and fragile, and you ARE AT RISK.

It may not be obvious, and you may not realize it yet, but you, and all of us, are actually in a life/death situation.

Since 1978, I've worked in traditional non-allopathic healthcare as a researcher, teacher and holistic healthcare practitioner, essentially a non-licensed naturopathic doctor.

My special training and specialties, which position me better to serve you and teach you how to use Personalized Medicine Strategies, include:

* Alphabiotics

* Applied kinesiology

* Acupuncture Points (pressure and laser)

* Auto-genics

* Bio-feedback

* Constructive Stress with Oxygen

* Hydrotherapy

* Immunity Building

* Laser Stimulation and Regeneration

* Movement, Stretching and Exercise

* Neuro-lymphthic reflex points

* Neuro-vascular reflex points

* Nutrition for Self-Healing, Organ Regeneration and Rejuvenation

* Pain and Inflammation Reduction tests and techniques

* Quantum Physics

* Red Light Therapy

* Reflexology

* Right-Left Brain Hemisphere Integration (e.g. for dyslexia)

* Stem Cell Reactivation

* Stress Reduction Techniques

* Vibration and Sound Therapy

I am the author of How To Cure and Prevent Any Disease

These are three other books I've written:

* The Single Cause and Cure for Any Health Challenge

* 40 Ways to Kill Stress Before it Kills You--in 60 Seconds or Less

* God's Math--Add or Subtract

I am ALARMED and extremely concerned because the odds are NOT in your favor!

Did you know that 90% of you are walking on very THIN ICE!

Did you know that 80% of Americans are already diabetic or pre-diabetic, that 70% have heart disease, that 65% carry excess fat, that 50% get cancer, and 90% DIE before their time?

But it does not have to be that way for YOU, if you allow me to help you upgrade to a healthier lifestyle.

Remember, this INCONVENIENT and inescapable truth:

If you are too casual, you will become a casualty!

Don't be a casualty! Hospitals and funerals are way too expensive. Plus your family and friends will miss you.