Hey!  Ya Feeling Adventurous?

Let's talk about you feeling better 

Like tasty homemade food?

Imagine your body making "homemade" self-healing "PERSONALIZED Medicine"

My friend Carol said,

"So what. Why should I care about personalized medicine?"

Here's why!

* 1600 people DIED today, and 1600 die every day, from Heart Disease (and if you're just 5% overweight, you already got heart disease)

* 1500 people DIED today, and 1600 die every day, from Cancer (and 50% get cancer) 

* 80% of people are already Diabetic (including pre-diabetes), which shortens your life an average of 11-20 years, increases your risk of heart disease by 700%, and is the leading cause of blindness and amputations 

* 1000 people DIED today, and 1000 die every day, from taking a medication as prescribed by a doctor that was SUPPOSED to help, sort of like the "Trojan Horse", what they ASSUMED was a "gift" from the gods!

* 90% of people DIE before their time from a preventable and usually reversible disease

So Carol, THAT'S why personalized medicine is a big deal...

...because it can help you dodge those invisible nasty bullets of diseases.

Hey, have you ever heard of Hippocrates?

2400 years ago, Hippocrates asserted, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

In other words, “FOOD IS MEDICINE.”

Still to this day medical doctors and historians consider Hippocrates to be the founder of medicine as a “rational science.”

One of the most influential men in the history of medicine and healing, he was ahead of his time.

You ask why?

About 400 B.C, he advised people to prevent and treat diseases first and foremost by eating the RIGHT FOODS AS MEDICINE.

According to Dr. Michael Greger, a renowned doctor at some of the top medical institutions in the United States...

"a simple dietary prescription” of the right foods can do more than just boost your health.

It can also reduce the risk for diabetes by 90%, heart attack by 80%, stroke by 50%, and cancer risk by more than 33%.

How do you feel about that?

Ever hear of Dr. Brenda Rea, at Loma Linda University School of Medicine?

She states,  "What people eat can be medicine or poison."

Heard of this Billionaire?

When Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple,  was dying of cancer, he stated,

"Eat your food as your medicines, otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food."

So who do you think are the best doctors?

According Steve Jobs, who could afford the best, these are the 7 best doctors:

The Seven Best Doctors

1. GOD
2. Sunlight
3. Rest
4. Exercise
5. Diet (the right foods)
6. Self Confidence
7. Friends

Check this out for yourself...do a Google search for "Food as Medicine" to see how many results you get. Last time I checked, it was over 30 MILLION results! See what it is today, ok?

Did you know, that according to the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health,

“90% of health problems can be dealt with at home, bypassing the cost of a visit to the doctor.”

So one of the easiest and smartest ways to do that, is to take advantage of "homemade" personalized medicine.

How do you feel about that?

So Carol, do you want to join the growing movement of Personalized Medicine?

It's free to join this personalized medicine movement, no matter what planet you are from.

You will feel better, often within 24 hours. Bonus: You'll probably live longer and be happier!


Let's take your game to the next LEVEL...

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Now let's talk about Smart Brain Food, ok?

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THIS is WHY I do what I do!

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